Build your eCommerce website with ecartmate’s web builder.

Get an easy access to Google’s services and tools. You can make the best use of them to refine your website’s performance. There is no need to visit another site to find the essential tools for your site.

Make every business decision strategically.

We have removed your guesswork by integrating Google Analytics. Visit your dashboard and try to leverage benefits from Analytics. It will be easy to track your website’s performance regularly. The automatic tools provide you with comprehensive statistical data. You will learn how your visitors are using your site. Understand their interactions and make your marketing effort stronger.


It would not be a hassle to use innovative Google products.

To show professionalism, you can add a custom Gmail address. Moreover, you may implement Google Chat, Docs, and Drive in your site. You can also integrate Google Workplace for better workflow. You do not need special application for it.

Add Google Search Console to your site.

Do you like to troubleshoot your website’s presence in the organic search results? You can now integrate Search Console into your website. Interpret the reports provided by the Console. Check the effectiveness of your SEO campaign with the Search Console.

Edit your blogs easily

As you can integrate Google Docs, it will benefit your blogging site. When you start writing your blogs on Docs, it will be easy to transfer the content to ecartmate. Bloggers always appreciate this special feature of our website builder.

Media management becomes easier

Integrate Google Photos into your site to manage images. You can save media files on the cloud. There is no need to upload the images twice.

Find the hidden potentials of Google.

We let you choose the right Google products for your website.Buy our premium package and get several solutions.